H-S Whitson Construction Co., Inc. began serving Knoxville and surrounding areas in 1992. From the beginning, we devoted ourselves to achieving exceptionally high levels of quality construction, safety and customer service. As a result, we quickly gained the trust of our clients and developed a reputation for excellence in the commercial and industrial markets.

Backed by an experienced team of professionals and support staff, H-S Whitson Construction Co., Inc. maintains a progressive vision and sound business practices that deliver, time and again, professional service and a personal focus on client relationships. We approach each project with a focus on success. Through careful planning, estimating and implementation, we deliver the necessary guidance and service to build meaningful, usable structures for everyday living and working.


It is our conviction that by ensuring our customers’ success, we ultimately ensure our own. It is with this philosophy, grounded in the core values of impeccable quality and integrity, that we have been earning long-term business relationships with our loyal clients.

The Customer Experience

In simple terms, it is our job to deliver the project that the client envisions and deliver it via a systematic process that assures smooth communication, consistent progress, with a minimum of problems and delays. Whitson Construction continually updates the project team with constructability reviews and value engineering ideas. We solve day-to-day problems efficiently and effectively and strive to create a positive work environment for the design, planning and construction process.

Absolute Performance

Our reputation in the industry is built on absolute performance. Whitson Construction wants to establish business relationships that will last over the long term by providing each client with customized service and a product that consistently exceeds expectations.

Our People Deliver Success

Our highly motivated and caring staff works within an organizational structure designed to optimize project management and communications among all parties.

Project Leadership

Whitson Construction makes sure every aspect of a project meets our standards for quality, cost and timing to ensure that clients are satisfied with both the process and the product.

Team Approach

Our team-oriented culture fosters commitment to each client’s objectives and builds accountability into every individual’s responsibilities on the job.


Whitson Construction’s years of experience and broad capabilities allow clients to structure the preconstruction and construction process as they need, from open book cost analysis and value engineering to self-performing quality tradesmen.

Seamless Communications

We keep the lines of communications open with all team members on a project including architects, engineers, consultants, government agencies, financial experts, as well as project and job site staff so that clients can have full access to all information at any time.

Mission Statement

H-S Whitson Construction Co., Inc. is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.


H-S Whitson Construction Co., Inc. is an experienced and quality-driven company that strives to be a leader in our industry serving our select markets with a goal of total customer satisfaction. We believe in innovative, cutting-edge construction techniques and strategic partnerships that provide value-added services to our customers, which will separate us from our competitors. This commitment exemplifies our quest to deliver quality, efficient and turnkey construction services to our target market customers. Our employees are a vital part of our operation, and we are committed to developing, training and retaining each one with a mutual commitment to achieving company excellence. This will ensure the success of the company and achieve long-term sustainable growth. We will endeavor to be a good corporate citizen and be actively involved in our community. We are a team, common in goal, equal in value.

Cores Values

Throughout the evolution of our business, we will depend on these bedrock principles to keep our long-term goals in sight and maintain the highest level of quality possible.

1. Customer Satisfaction:

Without customers, we would not exist. Our customers come to us with needs, and our job is to understand and satisfy those needs.

2. People:

The greatest strength of any company is capable people working as a team. Consequently, recruiting, training, and involving our people in the company’s long-term success is critical.

3. Teamwork:

Working toward a common goal is paramount for a successful building project. Consequently, our customers, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers are treated as partners.

3. Integrity:

A quality reputation will insure the success of our company. Therefore, we will maintain the highest standards of integrity in all of our dealings, doing nothing to diminish our reputation.

4. Profitability:

Without profit, our company would not survive. However, customer satisfaction, integrity, and safety will not be compromised for the sake of profitability.

5. Efficiency:

Efficiency is crucial to the success of our company. An efficient company will be more profitable, be able to offer job security, and retain a larger share of work than an inefficient company.

H. Stephen Whitson

Mr. Whitson holds a degree in business administration. As President, he is the final authority in all aspects of the organization. He assumes ultimate responsibility of fulfilling all obligations and assists with preconstruction efforts by developing options to ensure the client receives the best value possible. Mr. Whitson performs frequent inspections of the team, reviews the project control systems and provides advice, counsel and direction to the project team. He has developed a strong ability to estimate cost and provides guidelines to help keep projects in budget while constantly striving to maintain the lines of communication between all team members.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction field, Mr. Whitson is recognized in the industry for his expertise in project development, administration and follow-through. He has a proven ability to successfully oversee the operations of multi-million dollar construction projects because of his can-do attitude that ensures jobs are done right, on budget, and on time.

Jeff Wilkins, NCARB
Vice President

Mr. Wilkins holds a degree in architecture and assumes responsibility for total project management of the day-to-day operations of the projects including, but not limited to: estimating, contract and sub-contract management, purchasing, shop drawing review, construction scheduling, onsite problem resolution, material delivery, payment applications, change orders, contract closeout, manpower, and client relations.

With over 35 years of experience in the construction and architectural fields, Mr. Wilkins is recognized in the industry for an outstanding ability to lead without failure. Mr. Wilkins has strong organizational skills, giving him the capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously and still maintain a focus on individual project success.